Accessible Bathrooms


Accessible Bathrooms

Are you or a family member having a hard time getting in and out of a bathtub or shower and in need of a more accessible bathroom? Is your bathroom not wheelchair accessible? If either one of these is a concern of yours, you may be in need of Yourson’s bathroom accessibility services. Our team here at Yourson Construction specializes in services as small as grab bar installation to complex ADA compliant bathroom remodels. Let our experienced technicians and staff help design, build and create a bathroom guaranteed to fit your needs. 

Many homeowners and businesses require a bathroom that is accessible to people of every ability level. Yourson Construction is your licensed construction company offering the expertise of 30+ years in knowing what it takes to keep your bathroom accessible. From restoration to remodeling, we can evaluate your project to ensure your Albuquerque bathroom remodel and installation is ADA compliant.

What Does it Take to Make Your Bathroom Handicap Accessible?

For those of us who are looking to age in place, let us help you adapt your shower, tub, and bathroom with options that include the proper accessories to do so. These options consist of installing bathtub and shower grab bars, fold down shower seats and adjustable height shower heads. As we get older, we are more prone to accidents in our own home which can potentially result in costly medical expenses. Let Yourson work with you to design an attractive, safe bathroom environment that fits your accessibility needs.

Increase Floor Space

When the discussion of wheelchair access in a bathroom is brought up, the floor space is

typically one of the main concerns. This often requires removing walls and making other rooms smaller, which can change the structure of the home or business, and should only be attempted by trained professionals. Yourson Construction has the experience and know-how to get the job done! With our years of Albuquerque bathroom remodeling and shower installation experience, we can take on any project to give you the space you are looking for.

Surfaces We Work With

At Yourson Construction, we work with a variety of surfaces and materials. We will help you find the best choice for your accessibility needs and style desires.

Install Bathtub / Shower Grab Bars

When needing wheelchair access in your home some of the simplest of things may need additional attention. Bathtub and shower grab bars are a necessity in your handicap accessible bathroom. Your bathroom may also include modifications to existing electrical outlets, light switches, door handle height, shelves, handicap bathroom accessories, and sinks. Yourson Construction has the knowledge and expertise to get your home or business accessible to your personal needs.  

Yourson Construction has your safety in mind. All homes and businesses require different styles of wheelchair- accessible showers and/ or bathtubs that are essential for people with disabilities. If you need a professional Albuquerque contractor who is able to build an accessible bathroom that is easy to use by everyone in your home or business, give us a call and/or email to get the process started. Our premiere bathroom experts are here to help!

The Steps to Starting an Accessible Bathroom Remodel

Initially, we will set up an appointment for a free estimate and discuss your needs, wants, and desires for the project you have in mind. After consulting with you, our estimators will provide a quote with a detailed work description and total cost via email. Our trained estimators have the knowledge to help you redesign your bathroom from layouts to design options that ensure an accessible bathroom guaranteed to fit your needs and dreams.  

Remodel costs can vary depending on your accessibility needs and wants. Unlike other franchise-type bathroom remodeling companies in Albuquerque, bathroom shower grab bars and other bathroom enhancements are customized entirely to your specs and to your home. The cost for these small improvements to make a more accessible bathroom are a big advantage in avoiding costly medical emergency bills.