Handicap and Wheelchair Accessible Showers

Handicap and Wheelchair
Accessible Showers and Bathrooms

Many homeowners and businesses require handicap and wheelchair-accessible showers and bathrooms. Yourson Construction is your licensed Albuquerque construction company offering over 33 years of expertise. We know what it takes to make your bathroom accessible to people of every ability level. We can evaluate your project to make sure your Albuquerque bathroom installation is ADA-compliant.

Do you need complete bathroom remodeling? What does it take to make your bathrooms handicap accessible? Will installing grab bars be enough?

Increased Floor Space

When the discussion of wheelchair access in a bathroom or shower is brought up the floor space is one of the main concerns. This often requires removing walls and making other rooms smaller. This can drastically change the structure of a home or business and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Yourson Construction has the experience and know-how to get the job done. With decades of installation experience with handicap-accessible showers and bathrooms, we can take on any project to give you the space you are looking for.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchairs tend to change the accessibility of the simplest of things. This may include electrical outlets, light switches, door handles, shelves, shower accessories, and bathroom sinks. Sturdy grab bars are a necessity throughout the entire bathroom.

You need a company that can handle a variety of wheelchair-accessible shower options for your home or business. Yourson Construction has the know-how to get your home or business up to spec to be handicap accessible.

Safety & Access

Yourson Construction has your safety in mind. All homes and businesses require different styles of wheelchair-accessible shower bathtubs that are essential for people with disabilities. If you need a professional Albuquerque contractor who is able to build an accessible bathroom that is easy to use by everyone in your home or business, give us a call and/or email to get the process started. Our premiere bathroom experts are here to help!

Shower Accessibility Inspection Process

Here are the steps that our team here at Yourson goes through to evaluate your project properly:

  1. Set up an appointment for a free estimate: This allows our estimators to get an idea of wheelchair accessibility and what needs to be done to make the bathroom handicap accessible.
  2. Once the estimate is complete, our estimators will provide you a quote with a detailed work description and the total cost for the accessibility services needing to be done.
  3. Secure a time slot for the work needing to be done: Depending on the extent of your accessibility needs, it may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.


EnduroShield is an invisible, easy-clean, non-stick coating that reduces accessible bathroom maintenance by creating a permanent shield. By repelling water and protecting it from stains or corrosion, you will save time cleaning your ADA compliance bathroom and save money on water usage over time. EnduroShield does not use harsh chemicals. The application process requires simply spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface, such as shower glass, tile, or grout to provide a protective bond. Preventing water damage in areas of a bathroom or kitchen will bring peace of mind for years to come.

Shower Restoration Services

Is your bathroom in need of a proper shower restoration to bring it back to life? At Youson Construction, our restoration services can make that dream a reality and make your bathroom look brand new again. The services we offer to you are vast, including tile cleaning, grout cleaning, caulking replacement, and more.

There has not been a type of shower we were not able to restore to its former glory, meaning no task is out of our reach of accomplishment. Yourson Construction can also provide routine service and maintenance, such as power washing and sanitization services to clean and disinfect any commercial bathroom.

Handicap and wheelchair-accessible commercial bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling costs can vary depending on accessibility needs. Unlike other franchise-type bathroom remodeling companies in Albuquerque, handicap-accessible bathrooms and other wheelchair enhancements for bathrooms are customized entirely to your specs. The cost for these small improvements is a big advantage in avoiding potentially costly medical emergency bills.

Remodeling for commercial bathrooms is a service we specialize in. We have remodeled and replaced thousands of bathrooms in over the past 33 years in Albuquerque. We are the top commercial bathroom remodeling company with experience installing wheelchair-accessible showers and creating handicap-accessible bathrooms.

We offer free estimates to learn more about your home preferences and specific accessibility needs

 We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with an estimate for our services. If you are ready to increase handicap accessibility by adding shower bathtub grab bars or completely remodeling your bathroom and shower, contact Yourson Construction in Albuquerque today!