Bathroom Faucet Fixtures Restoration

Bathroom Faucet Fixtures

Restoring bathroom faucet fixtures is not only a challenge, but it’s generally cheaper than it is to replace them. If you have antique or vintage faucet fixtures, they may not have replaceable parts – this requires the services of a restoration professional.

Contact Yourson Construction to learn more about our Albuquerque bathroom restoration services or to schedule a free consultation! The results are worth it. We won’t restore just the faucet fixture but will make your entire bathroom look brand new again!

Faucet Fixtures Inspection Process

A detailed list of steps that we go through to evaluate your situation properly:

  1. Start with an inspection of your bathroom: This allows our estimators to get an idea of the condition of the bathroom fixtures and what needs to be done.
  2. Once an inspection is complete, we provide an estimate for restoration services.
  3. Schedule a time for the work: This may take a few hours up to a few days, depending on the condition of your bathroom, including faucet fixtures and other main areas.
  4. Restoration is complete – your bathroom’s faucet fixtures are looking brand new!

We are happy to answer any questions you have and to provide you with an estimate for our services. Yourson Construction offers free consultations so that we can learn more about your specific restoration needs. If you are ready to refresh your bathroom faucet fixtures, contact us today!

Bathroom Fixtures Cleaning

Bathroom fixture cleaning is one of the most important aspects of bathroom restoration—and the dirtiest. Over time, bathroom faucets and fixtures can become discolored and stained from soap scum, mildew, and dirt buildup. We utilize high-quality cleaners and equipment to ensure the removal of stains and grime.

At Yourson Construction, we inspect caulking and will replace it if necessary. Caulking is very important in preventing mold growth. Our team will clean your bathroom faucet fixtures to remove water damage restoring everything to its former glory.

Faucet Caulking Replacement

Missing caulk or cracks can not only be unsightly but can also lead to water damage. Caulking replacement can be a quick and easy way to give it new life if your bathroom faucets are starting to display signs of age. Our bathroom faucet fixture restoration services remove old caulk and replace it with new, durable caulking that will help keep your faucet fixtures looking their best!

A few questions to ask if you’re not sure if your bathroom faucet needs caulking replacement,

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call us today to discuss your bathroom restoration needs. Bathroom faucet fixture restoration is quick and efficient so that you can enjoy the true benefits of a restored bathroom.

Features of the Restorations We Provide

With our beautiful replacement bathroom faucet fixtures, you can upgrade any bathroom area at a budget-friendly price. We provide the highest quality services and products at an affordable, competitive price. Enjoy the benefits of each new restoration:

Complete or Partial Bathroom Restoration

When deciding on bathroom restoration services for your faucet fixtures, it is important to consider the specific type of restoration you need. Our team is equipped and experienced to provide the best advice on the type of services you require.

The two main types of bathroom restoration are as follows:

Complete bathroom restoration can be more affordable than you might think. Our team will help you along the way to keep your cost to a minimum!

If restoration is not an option for you and your bathroom needs to be completely remodeled, see the section below for the types of styles or surfaces we offer – your options are endless!

Complete Bathroom Remodeling Services

Sometimes it just takes more than a re-grout and restoration to bring your bathroom faucet fixtures back to life. When it’s time for a complete renovation, we will walk you through every step, starting with the design process all the way through completion.


First, we will schedule a time to look over your bathroom with you while take measurements and pictures. After discussing and coming up with a desired vision you have in mind, we can determine if the project will be a simple shower renovation or a massive master bathroom project, complete with new flooring, custom tile design, lighting, cabinetry, and high-quality countertops. When we have a clear idea of the layout that you desire, we will work up a full detailed quote with a total cost and send it to you via email.

Yourson Construction works with different materials to build a bathroom best fit for your desired needs.

These products we work with include:


EnduroShield is a non-stick, easy-clean coating that reduces cleaning time by creating a protective shield. It protects from stains and corrosion by repelling water which will save you time when cleaning your bathroom. This will also save money by lowering water usage over time. EnduroShield does not use harsh chemicals. The simple application process requires spraying the invisible liquid coating onto a clean surface, such as bathroom faucet fixtures, shower glass, backsplash tile, or grout to provide a permanent bond. Preventing water damage during the bathroom remodeling process will bring peace of mind for years to come.

Bathroom Enhancements

Our team here at Yourson Construction specializes in services as small as grab bar installation to complex ADA-compliant bathroom remodels. Many homeowners and businesses require a bathroom that is accessible to people of every ability level. Let our experienced Albuquerque technicians help design, build, and create a bathroom guaranteed to fit your needs.

Yourson Construction is your licensed construction company offering the expertise of 30+ years in knowing what it takes to keep your bathroom looking beautiful and working for your changing needs. From bathroom faucet fixture restoration to complete bathroom remodeling services, we can evaluate any project to ensure a bathroom is updated to custom specifications and needs that suit you.