Shower Hard Water Stains Removal Albuquerque

Shower Hard Water Stains
Removal Albuquerque

Removing hard water stains in showers is challenging and time-consuming. Vintage or antique shower fixtures may be vulnerable to damage while being cleaned – this requires the services of a hard water stain removal specialist.

Yourson Construction specializes in hard water stain removal services in Albuquerque. We can make your shower look brand new again! To learn more about our shower and bathroom restoration services, please call 505-298-3871 to schedule a free consultation.

Shower Hard Water Stains Removal Albuquerque

Shower Renewals for Residential and Commercial Bathrooms

Are hard water stains and spots a problem? Forget removing the water-stained glass on your own. Our skilled Albuquerque shower restoration technicians provide you with the latest hard water stain removal technologies to clean your bathroom shower glass, restoring it to like-new condition.

We offer power and sanitization washing services to disinfect and clean your commercial or residential bathrooms and showers.

Yourson Construction can do shower hard water stain removal, restoration, and repair. From routine regrouting and recaulking shower tile to hard water spots, hard water stains, and rust stain removal, we will get your shower looking brand new. In addition, we provide routine service and maintenance that will add to the life of your bathroom and shower.

Hard Water Stain Removal Inspection Process

A detailed list of steps we go through to evaluate your situation properly:

  1. Start with an inspection of your bathroom: This allows our estimators to get an idea of the condition of the shower’s hard water stains and what needs to be done.
  2. Once an inspection is complete, we provide an estimate for complete or partial shower restoration services.
  3. Schedule a time for the work: This may take a few hours up to a few days, depending on the condition of your shower.
  4. Hard water stain removal service is complete – your shower is ready to be used!

We are happy to provide you with an estimate for our services and to answer any questions you have. Yourson Construction offers free consultations to learn more about your specific shower restoration needs. If you need shower hard water stain removal, contact us today!

Complete or Partial Shower Restoration

When deciding on shower restoration services, it is important to consider the specific type of restoration you need. Our team is equipped and experienced to provide the best advice on the type of services you require.

The two main types of shower hard water stains removal and restoration are as follows:

Complete hard water stain removal and shower restoration can be more affordable than you might think. Our team will help you along the way to keep your cost to a minimum!

Features of Restoration We Provide

With our beautiful shower hard water stain removal services, you can upgrade any bathroom area at a budget-friendly price. We provide the highest quality services and products at an affordable, competitive price. Enjoy the benefits of each new restoration:

Shower Remodeling Services

If hard water stain removal and restoration is not an option for you and your shower needs to be completely remodeled, these are the types of styles or surfaces we offer – your options are endless!

Yourson Construction works with different materials to build a bathroom best fit for your desired needs. The products we work with include:


EnduroShield is an invisible, easy-clean, non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by creating a permanent shield. By repelling water and protecting it from stains or corrosion, you will save time on cleaning, and in turn, save money on bathroom water usage over time. EnduroShield does not use harsh chemicals. The application process requires simply spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface, such as shower glass, to prevent hard water stains and to provide a protective bond. Yourson Construction uses Enduroshield during our shower restoration services to save you time and money for years to come.

Shower Enhancements

Our team here at Yourson Construction specializes in services as small as grab bar installation to complex ADA-compliant bathroom remodels. Many homeowners and businesses in Albuquerque require a bathroom that is accessible to people of every ability level. Yourson Construction is your licensed construction company offering the expertise of 30+ years in knowing what it takes to keep your shower looking beautiful and working for your changing needs.

If removing hard water stains isn’t enough, Yourson Construction offers an affordable choice for high-quality, cost-effective options to help create your perfect dream bathroom. We provide budget-friendly showers and bathtubs that are perfectly designed to fit in your home. From start to finish, our fast and easy-going installation process will provide you with a convenient shower remodel solution for any space. Make the best investment to improve the quality of your home or business with Yourson Construction. Call us today to schedule an estimate for shower hard water stain removal during our restoration services.