Bathroom Faucet Fixtures Restoration Services


Why You Need Bathroom Faucet Fixtures Restoration In Albuquerque, NM

Living in New Mexico means living with hard water, and this can be a nuisance to your kitchen and bathroom faucet fixtures, which can clog drain pipes and harm your appliances. Our faucet fixtures restoration services can bring back the shine and functionality to your fixtures, and ensure the lasting beauty of your home.

What’s involved in Yourson Construction’s bathroom restoration and faucet repair services?

Our restoration services not only restore bathroom faucet fixtures but aim to restore your entire bathroom’s surfaces to their clean and pristine condition.

Bathroom Faucet Fixtures Restoration

Bathroom faucet fixtures restoration involves removing hard water deposits, soap scum, and corrosion from your fixtures. We use highly effective cleaning solutions that are safe for various metals, surfaces, and finishes.

Bathroom Tiling Restoration

Our bathroom tiling restoration focuses on removing stains, mildew, soap scum, and hard water deposits from your tiles. We’ll also fix loose tiles to ensure they stay in place.

We just don’t restore your tiles, though. We also clean your grout and caulking. If your caulking is too damaged to restore, we’ll recaulk your surfaces to ensure a water-tight seal. 

We also deodorize your tiling surfaces. Since tiles can be porous, unpleasant odors become trapped. We’ll deodorize your tiles and other porous surfaces to eliminate these unpleasant odors to help your bathroom smell clean again.

Bathroom Shower Restoration

Hard water deposits and grime just don’t exist on your tiles and faucet fixtures. Our bathtub and shower restoration gives you a sparkling, clean-smelling, mold- and bacteria-free shower. You’ll finally be able to take that relaxing bath without worrying about lingering issues!

Full Bathroom Restoration

At Yourson Construction, we restore all your shower and bathtub surfaces:

No surface goes untouched by our restoration crews.

We use the highest quality cleaning solutions and stain removers that are proven effective and safe for various surfaces. We also use highly effective deodorizers to combat even the toughest of lingering smells.

When you’re ready for a bathroom refresh, give us a call for a free estimate!

What are the benefits of bathroom restorations?

Restorations save you money compared to updating and/or remodeling.

It also helps you preserve antique fixtures that would be impossible to replace. Most importantly, it ensures that your bathroom provides you with a healthy environment to use as it removes lingering bacteria, mold, and mildew growth.

Your bathroom contains porous surfaces that can trap odors. We remove these odors, leaving you with a fresh-smelling bathroom to use and enjoy.

Investing in our full bathroom and bathroom faucet fixtures restoration services will keep your bathroom looking beautiful while ensuring further damage doesn’t occur.

What happens if my bathroom is beyond restoration?

While we do our best to clean and restore all your bathroom surfaces, sometimes damages exist beyond restoration.

That’s why we not only restore bathrooms but we also provide additional services that can fix, replace, or remodel your bathroom if necessary.

For example, if we see that there’s water damage that requires repair beyond restoration methods, our estimator will discuss different options to repair the area and provide you with a quote to bring your shower back to life!

We realized years ago that if we wanted to give you back your beautiful bathroom, we needed to be able to fully address all of its issues. That’s why we sought the training, licensing, and expertise to restore your bathroom while performing repairs when necessary.

What’s the difference between bathroom restoration and bathroom remodeling?

When you invest in our bathroom restoration services, we’ll clean and restore your existing fixtures and surfaces, making them look like the day they were installed. 

Our bathroom remodeling services involve replacing your existing fixtures and surfaces. We can also add fixtures such as bathtub shower grab bars.

Remodels tend to cost more than restorations but remodels are the way to go when you’re looking to replace or update your bathroom’s fixtures and surfaces.

We provide partial remodeling services, meaning we can replace one or more of your fixtures. With your partial remodels, we can replace the fixtures that need to be replaced while cleaning and restoring the fixtures you want to keep!

We also provide complete bathroom remodeling services that replace everything to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Who is Yourson Construction?

Yourson Construction has been restoring Albuquerque’s bathrooms since 1989. We’re a family-owned local business servicing our local community.

Our team here at Yourson Construction has been growing with us for over 34 years, meaning the technicians working on your bathroom have decades of experience and expertise.

We are insured, licensed, bonded, and here to win your trust and loyalty through our excellent customer service and highly skilled technicians.

Why choose Yourson Construction for Hardwater Restoration Services?

When your bathroom is crying out for help, and your cleaning products don’t seem to work anymore, call in the experts to restore your shower and/or bathtub back to its glory.

At Yourson Construction, we’ll ensure that your shower and/or bathtub gets the complete treatment, from hard water deposit and soap scum removal to recaulking and deodorizing.

Contact us today to schedule your free bathroom faucet fixtures restoration estimate!