Bathroom Water Damage Restoration Services Albuquerque


Bathroom Water Damage Restoration Services in Albuquerque

Restoring bathroom faucet fixtures is not only a challenge, but it’s generally cheaper than it is to replace them. If you have antique or vintage faucet fixtures, they may not have replaceable parts – this requires the services of a restoration professional.

Contact Yourson Construction to learn more about our Albuquerque bathroom restoration services or to schedule a free consultation! The results are worth it. We won’t restore just the faucet fixture but will make your entire bathroom look brand new again!

How do you fix a water-damaged bathroom?

When making any repairs, the first consideration should always be safety. Depending on the type of water damage, whether it is clear water, gray water, or black water, you should ensure that you keep yourself and those in the home safe. Even clear water may contain dangerous microbes. If you do not quickly resolve a water damage problem, you could find that it develops into a mold issue, promote bacteria growth, or even attract insects into your home.

After an inspection to identify the source of water that is damaging your bathroom or kitchen, we will be ready to get started on making the repair. We will provide you with an estimate or quote before getting started. Then, you’ll schedule a time for the work to be done. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the extent of the damage.

Bathroom and shower restoration services

Why remodel or reconstruct your bathroom? Yourson Construction can do Albuquerque bathroom restoration for any residential or commercial bathroom. From routine regrouting and recaulking shower tile to water spot and rust stain removal, we will get your bathroom looking brand new.

Forget about cleaning hard water stains on the shower glass on your own. Our skilled Albuquerque bathroom restoration technicians provide you with the latest water stain removal technologies to clean hard water spots off your glass and restore it back to like-new condition.


Complete bathroom remodeling

Whether it’s age or wear and tear, sometimes it just takes more than a re-grout or a new paint job to bring your bathroom back to life. When it’s time for a complete renovation we will walk you through every step, starting with the design process all the way through completion to get you in the bathroom of your dreams. This can be a small shower renovation in a guest bathroom to a massive master bathroom complete remodel. Yourson Construction works with different materials such as solid surfaces and tiles to build a shower and bathtub best fit for your desired needs.

Bathroom enhancements for accessible showers

Many homeowners and businesses require a bathroom that is accessible to people of every ability level. We know what it takes to keep your bathroom accessible. From resurfacing, refinishing, and complete remodeling services, we will evaluate your space to make sure your bathroom installation is ADA compliant.

Yourson Construction promotes saftey with changing accessibility needs by providing shower bathub grab bars installation, lowering door handles, adjusting shelf height, and utilizing other handicap bathroom accessories. If you need a professional Albuquerque bathroom contractor who is able to build an accessible ADA bathroom that is easy to use by everyone in your home or business then give us a call to get the process started.

A few questions to ask if you’re not sure if your bathroom faucet needs caulking replacement,


EnduroShield is an invisible, easy-clean, non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by creating a permanent shield. By repelling water and protecting it from stains or corrosion, you will save time cleaning your bathroom and save money on water usage over time. EnduroShield does not use harsh chemicals. The application process requires simply spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface, such as shower glass, tile, or grout to provide a protective bond. Preventing water damage during bathroom remodeling will bring peace of mind for years to come.