Our Shower Hard Water Stains Removal Crew Reveals the Colors Behind Water Stains

Shower Hard Water Stains Remover

Our Shower Hard Water Stains Removal Crew Reveals the Colors Behind Water Stains

Why am I getting water stains even when my water is clear?

Water stains form on various surfaces, especially porcelain. When contaminants reach higher levels, you might also notice discolorations on your laundered clothes and clean dishes. When these stains are left unattended, they quickly build up, making them hard to remove.

At Yourson Construction, our Albuquerque shower hard water stain removal crews eradicate these stains and restore your bathroom back to its beautiful shine.

Here are the different colors of water stains we see and what causes them.

A Rainbow of Water Stain Colors

The color of water stains reveals the contaminants within the water causing the stains. Here are some common water stain colors.

White Water Stains and Buildup

A common water stain and buildup color seen in New Mexico is white. White indicates hard water buildup. Sometimes, the minerals in hard water show up as a hazy coating on dishes, drop marks on sinks, or thick residue around faucet openings and showerheads.

High levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium are often to blame for this phenomenon. Cleaning and wiping down your kitchen and bathroom can help prevent this buildup from occurring. You can also invest in a water filtration system for your home to combat hard water buildup.

Pink Water Stains

Pink stains typically form on bathroom fixtures. You may see them in your toilet bowl, sink, or shower.

These pink stains are actually Serratia Marcescens, an airborne bacteria that thrives in moisture. Ensuring your fixtures are clean and sanitized should keep this bacteria at bay.

Red or Orange Water Stains

For New Mexicans that rely on well water, you might have seen red, orange, or rust-colored stains before. These stains come from water with high levels of iron.

You’ll notice these stains on white fixtures such as sinks and toilets, but you might also see these stains appearing on your clean clothes.

Soluble iron doesn’t oxidate within the water, so your water will appear clear, but you’ll still see these stains form on your fixtures and in your laundry over time. Oxidized iron will already appear red, yellow, or brown coming from the faucet.

Black or Brown Water Stains

High levels of manganese usually cause black or brown water stains. This mineral is also typically found in well water and is often accompanied by higher iron levels. That’s why these stains may appear to combine iron and manganese water stain colors.

Green or Blue Water Stains

Green or blue water stains and buildup typically indicate acidic and corrosive water. When this type of water flows through pipes made with copper or lead, the metals leach into your home’s water.

When mixed with hard water, green or blue buildup quickly forms on your faucets and fixtures.

When Your Stains Aren’t Going Away, Call In Our Albuquerque Shower Hard Water Stains Removal Crews!

At Yourson Construction, we know all about New Mexico’s hard water stains. That’s because we’ve been restoring Albuquerque’s bathrooms since the late 1990s! Trust that our crew will have your bathroom sparkling again in no time.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate with our Albuquerque shower hard water stain removal crews!

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